You can kind-of, sort-of make the argument that fall is here, amid slightly slipping temperatures and grayer-than-normal skies. That means it's time for the final Food Truck and Cart Festival of the season, on the schedule for Friday at the Columbus Commons. More than 30 trucks are scheduled to make an appearance at the all-day festival, and we're well aware the sheer quantity of options can lead to some rash dining decisions.

We've got you covered, though--if you're wavering, here are five of our favorite dishes to try, from trucks worth waiting in line for.

Ravioli at Blu Olive: We've adored the rosy, poppy-seed-dappled beet-ricotta ravioli Blu Olive serves up since the truck's debut earlier this year. But seasons change, and, thus, so do ravioli fillings: on Friday, they'll be debuting butternut squash. Count us in.

Big Bad Wolf at That Food Truck: There's so much to love about this truck, but we're zeroing in on this sandwich, a pork-intensive combination of ham, bacon and pork belly coated in a poblano harissa sauce. We can't stop thinking about this sandwich. You won't be able to, either.

The Soph at Sophie's Gastrogi: Pierogi were practically invented to ward off seasonal chills. This iteration, with Yuengling-braised pork belly and tarragon butter atop their dense, comforting potato-stuffed dumplings, is the heartiest one on the menu.

Brisket sandwich at Ray Ray's Hog Pit: What is there to say that hasn't already been said, between sauce-slicked bites of smoked meat, about Ray Ray's? It's the gold standard for truck food in Columbus and with good reason. The festival is the perfect chance for those of us who can't make the weekends-only trek to Ace of Cups to get our fix.

The Royale at The Cheesy Truck: For sheer oh-my-god-you're-seriously-eating-that absurdity, there is the Cheesy Truck and Commonwealth Sandwich Bar's collaboration sandwich, a pulled pork and macaroni-and-cheese behemoth of a sandwich on grilled Texas toast. You won't need additional food for quite a while after eating this.

Click here for the official map, plus logistical info about the festival.

Pro tip: If you can swing by for lunch, do. Though things have improved since the first fests, some trucks do tend to run out of popular favorites by the time dinner rolls around.

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