If you've ever been slightly underwhelmed by the ho-hum, never-changing cocktail at the otherwise excellent Rigsby's Kitchen, I have great news for you -- the Short North restaurant unveiled an exciting new cocktail list last week created by uber-talented bartender Nicolene Schwartz, formerly of The Rossi and Latitude 41. The list revolves around Amaro, a bitter Italian liqueur. I sampled several when I stopped in on Thursday last week, the menu's first day, but only thought to take a photo of one, the bubbly Prosecco Spritz.

It's a perfect starter to the evening: a bright and lively combination of Prossecco, Aperol and a dash of sparkling water. Sadly, my one photo is a bit blurry, but believe me when I say these new drinks are gorgeous across the board.

I also tried and adored the Midnight Express, a complex concoction with sherry-brined smoked peppercorn Ransom Old Tom Gin, concord grape juice, lime and two bitter liqueurs: Fernet Branca and Zucca Rabarbaro. And I was similarly wowed by my sip of The Giglio Boys Club, a slightly sweeter drink that pairs Sichuan pepper-infused Woodford Reserve with fig jam, Demerara syrup, lemon and fig bitters. Can't wait to work my way through the rest of the list.

Oh, and on Tuesdays, Nicolene does a special Bitters Tuesday promotion during which you can order drinks even more bitter than these. Excellent.

Rigsby's Kitchen
698 N. High St., Short North