Continuing on in my exploration of our city's pizza scene, let's talk about Massey's. I always assumed I didn't like Massey's. Why? Well, for one thing because it reminds of me Donatos, a Columbus-based chain that specializes in pies of mediocre quality. For another, I'm really not a huge pepperoni person and Massey's ads are dominated with neauseating photos of pizzas with every square inch covered in grease-filled, curled-up pepperoni cups.

Also, their pizza boxes are covered in giggle-inducing over-the-top bragging slogans ("famous!" "The Cadillac of pizza!" "Genuine!" "The Perfect Pizza Taste!" "5 stars!") that make it hard to take them seriously.

But then I actually tried Massey's as part of my ongoing quest to find the city's best pizzas, and I was surprised to find that it was pretty darn tasty. Really salty, but pretty tasty. I love the thin, cornmeal-dusted crust and the fresh herbs on top, and the sauce ratio is nearly perfect. I quickly devoured nearly half a medium pizza.

At first I wondered if the fact that I'd had a few beers before consuming Massey's pizza had influenced my judgment. So I ordered Massey's again, totally sober, and found that it was indeed pretty great. Not the best in the city, by any means, but far above typical chain pizza from places like Papa John's and Domino's.

As a final note, allow me to introduce you to my new favorite pizza topping combination: bacon, fresh tomatoes and green olives. The sweetness of the tomato really shines against the salty bacon and olives on this not-too-meaty pie. You'll see more of this topping as I continue along in my pizza tasting journey.

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