I don't generally like gimmicky sushi rolls -- give me some raw fish and veggies in sticky rice any day. So I was surprised that the sushi creation I enjoyed most from M at Miranova's surprisingly big selection was a roll involving cooked fish and rare meat. The Surf-N-Turf has tempura shrimp inside and is wrapped in really nice thin-sliced rare filet mignon. The meat was very flavorful, while the tempura added a welcome crunch factor. This is one of those rare novelty rolls I can see swaying people who claim they'll never like sushi, while at the same time not offending sushi purists. Bravo, M.

This Bento Box, meanwhile, a $32 collection of odds and ends, wins top honors for fun presentation but doesn't offer much in the way of real-deal sushi. If that's what you're after, you've gotta try the Poke, pictured below:

This Hawaiian Ahi tuna dish ($17) has been very popular around town. Here, it's paired with sugar snap peas, pineapple, red onion, cilantro and taro root chips.

M at Miranova
2 Miranova Pl., Downtown