Brides and grooms reveal which wedding gifts have proven most useful and sentimental.

“A handmade wooden cooking spoon passed down from great-grandparents.”

—Alyssa and Matt Chmura, wed May 30, 2015

“A personalized return address stamp. Thanks, Keely!”

—Andrea and David Drago, wed June 11, 2016

“My KitchenAid [stand mixer]. I love baking and after everything my parents did for us, they knew this would come in handy the most.”

—Katie Moore, wed David Moore on May 30, 2015

“One of our favorite gifts is our KitchenAid mixer with the pasta attachment. We’ve enjoyed making homemade pasta with our family.”

—Sadie and Nate Speiser, wed June 18, 2016

“One of our family members gave us a custom steel-pressed ‘Martin, est. 2015’ sign (with a tree on it) made by an artist local to them in New York. It was a really unique and special gift, and looks great in our kitchen.”

—Shannon and Daniel Martin, wed Nov. 7, 2015

“Even though it wasn’t the most expensive gift we received, our Yeti Ramblers would have to be our favorite gift. We use them every day for coffee, smoothies or on the go. We are obsessed!”

—Taylor and Colin Russo, wed Oct. 2, 2015

“We created a honeymoon registry so our guests could help contribute to that experience. I think that was the best idea; we got to experience so much more during our honeymoon (zip lining, massages and tubing) because of the generosity of our loved ones.”

—Whitney and Joey Barnard, wed Oct. 31, 2015

“We were blessed with amazing and meaningful gifts from so many people. We received a painting and clock from my parents that my grandchildren will treasure. My mother is an artist and she made a piece incorporating the colors of our wedding and represents us as individuals and a couple. It hangs in the entry of our home as a statement piece. The clock is a true heirloom. The sentiment was immediate. The passing of time only enhances the beauty of our relationship.”

—John Stein, wed Brittany Stein on May 28, 2016

“We seriously use our fish spatula on a weekly basis. I didn’t even know there was such a thing before making a registry.”

—Marci Engardio, wed Andy Engardio on March 19, 2016

“My dad built the beautiful tables that Alex and I, along with our wedding party, sat at for the wedding reception. He found gorgeous wood from a barn built in the 1890s and spent the months leading up to the wedding building the tables, removing all the nails (by hand!) and testing them so that he knew they were secure for us. Now we use it as our table at home and I love that I can sit at it each day and it reminds me of what a generous gift my dad gave us.”

—Paige Toussant, wed Alexander Toussant on May 16, 2015

One of my clients, who is an avid drummer, gave me a custom (white) vintage Slingerland Drum Kit. It was set up at my wedding; I was able to play my wife a drum solo (Walk the Moon’s ‘Shut up and Dance’). Now it sits in our spare room as an awesome memory and display piece.

—Andrew Catapano, wed Larissa Catapano on May 28, 2016