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Recently, we noticed that Essie nail polishes have a lot of bridal-themed names. Most of them are sheer or iridescent shades that would be perfect for your wedding-day manicure, so we decided to try out a few of them and see how they shape up.

Our editor, Emma Frankart Henterly, scoured every Target and Ulta within the I-270 outerbelt, but was only able to scrounge up a fraction of the shades listed on Essie’s website. Here’s what she found; we’re linking the rest of the shades at the bottom of this post.

Imported Bubbly is described as a “sparkling luxurious golden beige” with a “shimmer sheer” finish, and that didn’t quite line up with how the color played off my skin tone. (I’m pretty pale, by the way, with a relatively neutral undertone to my skin.) It came off as a pearly white, with an almost-pink cast to it. The color was a bit streaky when first applied; it took three coats to make it opaque.

Limo-scene is a “sheer pastel pink, perfect for French manicures,” according to the website. It’s also a sheer finish. I thought it also looked more white on my nails, but it was very sheer. I’d love it for the tips of my French mani. This also is three coats.

The sheerest shade I tried was Blushing Bride. It’s essentially a slightly pink-tinged clear coat and is described online as a “flush of pale pink, perfect for a French manicure.” I’d definitely wear this with Limo-Scene for my mani. I wanted to see if I could get an opaque coverage, but lost count around four or five coats. 

Borrowed & Blue isn’t your standard wedding-day hue, and I kind of loved that about it. It came off as an ultra-pale periwinkle (the site describes it as a “precious but chic light blue”) and was extremely pigmented and easy to work with. I got this look with just one and a half coats. 

Obviously, you won’t be wearing Bachelorette Bash down the aisle (or at least, I wouldn't), but this “juicy fuchsia” is great for the event it’s named for. It was the most true-to-description color I tried. Two coats did the trick.

Of course, the online selection of colors is way beyond anything you’ll find in the store, so here’s the rest of the wedding-themed colors we found, listed from lightest to darkest:

Whites and Nudes 

Show Me the Ring is an “iridescent pearl;” it probably is similar in tone to Imported Bubbly.

Baby's Breath is a “powder-fresh, creamy white” with “the faintest whisper of pink.” Essie recommends it for French manicures too.

Brides to Be is a “soft-spoken caramel blush.” It’d probably be a stunning nude on deeper skin tones.

Steal His Name is a “cheeky sheer peach.” Despite the cheesy name, it looks like a lovely color. 


Sheer Bliss, like the name implies, is a “sheer and silky pink.” We can picture this in an all-over wash of soft color, built up to be semi-opaque on the nail. 

Tying the Knotie looks like a bride’s dream; the “sheer floral pink” would pair perfectly with a ball gown and a romantic themed wedding.

Coming Together, a “lavish pink bouquet,” is another romantic and traditional color.

Pink Diamond is great for a bride who wants a bold pink nail; the “sparkling gemstone pink” is feminine but not dainty.

My Better Half is described as being “perfect on the big day—and every day.” It’s described as an “irresistible peony pink;” we think it’s the Pink Diamond for deeper skin tones. 

Brides No Grooms is another “bachelorette bright pink” that definitely would fit better with a night out than a walk down the aisle. 

Reds and Roses

Mrs Always Right, a “fierce terracotta rose,” looks like a perfect bold shade for just about every skin tone. We’d wear it at our shower AND the wedding. 

Happy Wife Happy Life is another shade that’s better suited for the bachelorette … unless you’re looking for a “radiant red orange” for the big day.

Wife Goes On looks like another stunner for deeper skin tones; the “bold, true and bright red” might be a little overpowering for pale girls like Emma.

Swept off My Feet looks like a “creamy, dusty rose” is a classic, darker red that would be ideal for anyone who doesn’t want a soft shade for the big day.

Blues and Purples

Hubby for Dessert has a confusing name, but the “sheer candied lilac” shade is delicate and just a bit edgy for the modern bride.

Meet Me at the Altar is a bit hard to judge from the website alone; it looks sparkly and is described as a “romantic rendezvous lilac.”

Groom Service, a “deeply satisfying violet,” is another looks-like-it’d-be-great-for-deep-skin-tones shade.

Using My Maiden Name is definitely a unique wedding color; the site’s description directs wearers to “march down the aisle to a different beat.” It’s a “pretty blue hydrangea,” but appears to pull a bit purple on our monitor.

Of course, there are more than 300 shades to choose from on Essie’s site. Tons of sheers, like the award-winning Mademoiselle, would be perfect for the big day. And for the bolder bride, reds of every hue and tone abound. Want to go really wild? Blues, purples, greens and even a vibrant yellow mean you’ll basically never go wanting for options.