When she became a mother to an infant with allergies, things changed drastically for Darista Dips owner Dara Schwartz, whose bright and healthy hummus dips are found at grocery stores throughout Ohio. But she didn't let restrictions stop her from dining out. Here are some of her favorites.

Sweet Tooth: “Pattycake Bakery saved me. When having to remove dairy and soy from my diet while nursing, I discovered Pattycake's dreamy Sonia's Grandma's Molasses Crinkles. That ginger gets me every time.”

Dive Bar: St. James Tavern. “This is my wintery cozy spot, where you snuggle with friends while wearing your coats the entire time. They have a committed local brew selection and will always find the perfect stout beer for the cold.”

Wine Bar: “Barcelona is in my bloodstream for bites and drinks. I go for the Gambas al Ajillo and Croquetas. They always stock my go-to Spanish wine, Juan Gil Jumilla.”

Special Occasion Restaurant: Basi Italia. “They have the best wine selection ever and I rotate each visit, typically with a glass of rosé in the summer with a melon salad.”

Takeout: Lavash Cafe. “[Owner] Nasir [Latif] still remembers me from my visits to his stand back in 2013 at the North Market. I'm welcomed with jokes and a few extra pita bread pieces, if I bring my 1-year-old. I get the shawarma chicken because I love that garlic sauce.”