10236 Windsor Way, Powell

Sugat and Smitha Patel from John K. and Denise M. Burgers


10511 Wellington Blvd., Powell

James J. and Jolinda E. Tracy from Phillip J. and Marcia Stern


91 Columbia Ave., Bexley

W. Alan and Amy T. Shore from Aaron J. and Sena L. Tudisco


4112 Croan Ave., New Albany

Michelle L. and Stephen Hodgson from The Tuckerman Group


1000 Dawson Pl., Unit 500, Bexley

Nancy S. Meyer from Fifth Third Bank


9324 Wilbrook Dr., Powell

Gary J. and Sherry D. Morsches from Memmer Homes Inc.


7139 Wilton Loop, Dublin

James M. and Lauren Hensley from Joan and Joseph

H. Edin Jr.


684 City Park Ave., Columbus

Richard A. Stuhr from Mark Becker


4209 Kenny Rd., Upper Arlington

Greg and Tammy Liakos from Andrew Diblasi


6570 Lockhart Lane, Dublin

Kevin and Christy Kish from Elizabeth R. Casto


10678 Black Oak Dr., Plain City

Samantha M. and Bradley W. Hughes from Memmer

Equity Inc.


6954 Princeville Ct., Blacklick

Stuart J. and Susan M. Chow from Jeffrey K. Hague


3686 Prestwould Close, New Albany

Andrew D. and Gillian C. McLean from Abigail Bernard and Christopher A. Schwamburger


1970 Woodlands Pl., Powell

Barry E. and Lillian C. McClelland from Gina and William C. Kelley III


10150 Wellington Blvd., Powell

Sue Delay from Glenn F. Alban, trustee


5273 Sorrento Ct., Westerville

Bruno and Evelina Ciotola from Romanelli and Hughes Building Co.


7593 Fenway Rd., New Albany

John P. and Jessica J. Sullivan from Craig L. and Lisa

A. Brommers


3507 River Avon Circle, Columbus

Vicki J. and Gary J. Block from William R. and Linda G. Miely


5453 Rosalind Blvd., Powell

Jodi L. and John P. Greco from Bradley and Samantha Hughes


4070 Prince George Ln., New Albany

Lori A. Foglia from Gregory A. and Deborah J. Seabolt


4783 Vista Ridge Dr., Dublin

Mahmoud Houmsse and Rehab Shehna from Michael

P. and Andra Jill Kennedy


4479 Olmsted Rd., New Albany

Laura E. and John M. Ryzenman from Jason M. and

Emily Hurst


4750 Royal County Down Ct., Westerville

James E. and Mandi W. Schisler from M/I Homes of Central Ohio Inc.


15 Edge of Woods, New Albany

Steven K. Hoagland from Rebecca L. Hoagland


7482 Wellington Reserve Ct., Dublin

Michael J. and Ann Rengert from Paragon Building Group

As provided by CompuName of Westerville. Statistics are gathered for the greater Columbus area, including all of Franklin County and parts of contiguous counties.