If you've ever had a desire to get rowdy in a library—and who hasn't?—you can realize that daydream at frequently loud-and-crowded Asterisk. Living up to its Greek-root meaning of “little star,” Asterisk is a bright new hot spot in the bustling Uptown Westerville dining firmament. Beyond an elaborate bar carved in the 1800s, which signals serious cocktail credentials (thirsty groups can enjoy punch bowls of a refreshing concoction made with minted vodka and strawberry shrub), is a dining room stacked floor to ceiling with old books. Menus arrive tucked into books, too. Inquiring diners can bone up on the Anatolian Peninsula or Lady Di's biography while perusing an unusual assortment of dishes that are mostly well-crafted—if about as focused as a bin of used library books for sale. Among the starters, which tend to be large, highlights include the crisply battered, golden-brown giant cauliflower; a smoky-as-barbecue chargrilled Caesar salad; and just-fried chicharrónes. Main courses are served à la carte and are generally modestly sized and modestly priced. For something spicy, try the killer shrimp and grits with a chili-spiked tomato gravy. For something comforting, order the chicken and Amish noodles with mashed potatoes. asterisksupperclub.com