To call this inexpensive Cincinnati import a fried chicken restaurant is like saying “La La Land” is a movie about Los Angeles. First off, The Eagle—which is overseen by knowledgeable servers in jeans and black T-shirts—sources Ohio Amish-raised, free-range chickens. Second, although its chicken is good, The Eagle's other Southern-tinged attributes are at least as much of a draw. Encompassing an expansive, prime Short North patio and two floors sporting this year's go-to restaurant design scheme—calculated rusticity—The Eagle is big. It's bold, too, in its often-cranking bluesy soundtrack, large craft beer selection and flavors that emanate from the kitchen. For instance, its famed chicken has a red-tinged, zestily seasoned crust atop tender, juicy meat. Drizzle on a little vinegar-and-chili-spiked honey, and something good becomes better. If that poultry doesn't float your boat, the garlic-resonating, Philadelphia-inspired pork sandwich loaded with meat, sharp cheese, broccoli raab and fiery house hot peppers (ignore the too-soft roll) is terrific—if about as subtle as a charging rhinoceros. Bonus: Side dishes transcend second-fiddle status—check out the horseradish mashed potatoes with creamy gravy; garlicky, chili-kissed white cheddar grits; tender collards with vinegar, onion and ham hocks; and bacon-y succotash.