The brewmasters from Morrow County's Hoof Hearted Brewery and A&R Creative Group—the company responsible for socially conscious restaurants such as Crest Gastropub and Alchemy—unearthed a new restaurant concept for its Columbus debut: elevated dude food. Their collaboration, Hoof Hearted Brewery & Kitchen, is Columbus' first high-brow low-brow restaurant.

Every aspect of this Italian Village restaurant is a mashup between modern day farm-to-table class and the quirky “let's try it” ideas of an energetic and somewhat adolescent crew of creatives. Hoof Hearted augments clean, impeccable design with passing gas namesake motif artwork by Thom Lessner, for example. And a recent special event promised oysters on the half shell along with discounted pricing for shotgunning one of Hoof Hearted's beers, which have become cult classics throughout the United States.

This collaboration is more than a concept dreamed up after a few trips to Brooklyn and some discussions over beers. Both the food and the drink are excellent. Expect sizable portions of traditional dishes with just a kiss of the unpredictable. The breakfast burrito? It's topped with perfectly cooked eggs, cilantro cream and a sweet (or possibly spicy) shishito pepper, clearly executed with care and precision. And the Nacho Breakfast doesn't skimp on the good stuff, with hearty helpings of tantalizingly smoky short ribs and piles of guacamole atop seasoned chips to upgrade the experience. Meanwhile, the dinner menu features an array of ingredients—from alligator to tofu—that lift simple dishes to a new level.