8441 Concord Rd., Delaware

Begrateful LLC From Christopher E. and Dina 

M. Ostrander


4021 Fairfax Dr., Upper Arlington

Peter Lu and Leslie R. Kim from Carol R. Manley


7494 Cummins Ct., New Albany

Joseph H. and Julie A. Proudfoot from Martin T. and Carisa M. Taylor


7200 Ashcombe Ct., New Albany

Malissa B. and Enis Akay from Joseph J. and Isabel 

C. Saoud


5606 Hayden Run Rd., Hilliard

Sameh M. and Jalitza Ayoub from Julia Michelle Cordle


60 S. Drexel Ave., Bexley

Richard K. and Karen W. Milenthal from Shankar and Suneetha Kurra


2000 W. Devon Rd., Upper Arlington

Clayton Allen and Virginia Lynn Hall from Robin Carlton


2151 Arlington Ave., Upper Arlington

Charles R. and Deborah Patton from James D. Benes


4604 Goodheart Ct., New Albany

Jason and Erin Pheister from Janis D. and Edwin 

P. McCausland Jr.


624 Jaeger St., Columbus

Sean C. and Julie C. Martin from Nathaniel L. Schwartz


2109 Elgin Rd., Upper Arlington

Brad and Kate Cain from Marvin I. and Ann B. Larger


6950 Clivdon Mews, New Albany

Mike and Judy Newman from New Albany Company LLC


64 E. Prescott St., Columbus

Brian H. Schottenstein from William M. Becker and Douglas E. Widener


4511 Coldstream Ct., Westerville

Sarah E. Sinclair from Saundra L. Jones


373 W Hubbard Ave., Columbus

Alexandre F. and Lindsay T. Smith from Benjamin 

R. Sigmond


10638 Arrowwood Dr., Plain City

Eva and Steven Huls from Bob Webb Jerome Village LLC


1250 McCoy Rd., Upper Arlington

Robert L. Heller from Karen S. Hess


5269 Reserve Dr., Dublin

Rebecca K.T. and Christopher D. Apfelstadt from Jonathan D. and Martha E. Beltz


8341 Whisper Trace, Delaware

Charles C. Ungurean from FDT Group LLC


25 Keswick Commons, New Albany

Alan J. and Jean M. Jankowski, trustees, from Kevin M. and Lisa Hughes


130 Stone Valley Dr., Granville

Ronald and Eva Petty from Nicole A. Palmer


6140 Hoover Reserve Dr., Westerville

Kevin F. and Anna M. Hill from Joseph and Deanna Marshall


6500 Eveland Ct., New Albany

Mark Patton, trustee, from Nolan M. and Healther J. Wilcox


4261 Abbey Chase Ct., Hilliard

Lucille T. Controguerra from James L. and Margaret 

L. Kuhn


5546 Streamside Dr., Galena

Brett and Monica Gerber from David L. Grubbs

As provided by the Columbus Dispatch research team. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin County and parts of surrounding counties.