1661 White Oak Dr., Delaware

Edward J. and Laura G. Elliott from David E. and Loryn 

M. Lindsey


2355 S. Commonwealth Pk., Bexley

Morris B. and Heather Goldberg from Michael C. and Donna Lau Smith


43 N. Columbia Ave., Bexley

James Franklin and Sara Parker from Richard K. and Karen W. Milenthal


4975 Oldbridge Dr., Upper Arlington

4975 Oldbridge LLC from C. John and Flo Ann Easton


833 Matthews Brook Ln., Powell

Kevin and Angela Wilson from Brian J. Hartline


4361 Sawmill Rd., Upper Arlington

Courtney L. and Ryan W. Garn from Donald K. Bryan


4350 Squirrel Bend Rd., 

Upper Arlington

Edward J. and Karolyn A. Braum from Laura K. Teteris


994 Jaeger St., Columbus

CBI Investments LLC from Carlos M. Alvarez and Zsuzsanna E. Tomay-Ybly


2093 Fontenay Pl., Upper Arlington

Elizabeth Knight and Christopher Scott Doolittle from Stephen C. and Susan E. Hassell


5195 Hoovergate Ln., Westerville

Chi Bui from Jason T. Crowl and Heidi L. Klausing


7283 Lambton Green S., New Albany

Francis M. and Amy M. Castellano from John D. and Laurie J. Buell


8245 Waterford Way, Plain City

Richard J. and Lori A. Martin from R. M. Clemens Co.


4421 Sawmill Rd., Upper Arlington

Mei Feng Lin from Robert S. Meeder Jr. and Susan Ober


4635 Wilkin Ct., New Albany

Elizabeth and Sean Morrison from Vickie L. and Joseph 

A. Grieshaber Jr., trustees


11487 Trenton Rd., Galena

Andrew S. and Cindy M. Klaus from Robert J. and Rhonda K. Maloney


1860 Cambridge Blvd., 

Upper Arlington

Lauren E. and John A. Bach from Susan P. Berg


2555 Sweet Clover Ln., Galena

Patrick A. and Stacey A. Summers from Brian R. Krejsa and Kristen A. Scholz-Krejsa


2432 Lane Ave., Upper Arlington

Megatron Holdings LLC from Brenda Hendricks


4500 Dublin Rd., Columbus

Matthew D. and Ann Kentris Arthur from Sally S. and James Douglas Morris


3980 Baughman Grant, New Albany

Daniel C. and Denise M. De La Rosa from Randall W. and Dawn R. Franz


4679 Beecher Ct., New Albany

Mark G. and Chandra E. Panley from David F. Huber


291 Beck St., Columbus

Eric P. Steppling and Karen E. Koster from William 

D. Dehoff


251 E. Deshler Ave., Columbus

Zachary H. and Lisa G. Ruben from German Village Holdings Ltd.


3901 Tarrington Ln., Upper Arlington

Jeremy and Jane H. Jones from Matthew P. and Julie 

S. Berry


1466 Teeway Dr., Upper Arlington

Daniel and Megan Stover from Nicholas M. and Jessica A. Gesue

As provided by the Columbus Dispatch research team. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.