Rebecca Reeder, 40, & Kristin Cooke, 30
Co-owner & Manager, Big Rock Little Rooster
654 N. High St., Short North

This is obviously a new, upscale bridal boutique. Can you tell people what it's about?
Rebecca: The origination of the brand was first and foremost about offering fashion to the client that was design-inspired. The ultimate day to wear fashion or design is your wedding day. You get to make the ultimate statement about who you are.... The second piece is, we want to provide one-on-one direct, honest experiences with everyone - regardless of what they want to spend-in a boutique environment.

What designers do you carry?
Rebecca: Vera Wang, Kenneth Pool, Romona Keveza, Amy Michelson, Christos. And that will expand. And then we have couture jewelry designers. One out of San Francisco - Haute Bride. And (one) is local. And both of those brands are building custom pieces, and prices are very competitive.

You say you also want to help brides who may already have their dresses but need accessories. You mentioned a bride who came in with a dress from David's Bridal. Are you OK with that?
Rebecca: We want to do that! She elevated the look with pieces from Haute Bride. She spent $1,000 on her gown and $800 on her jewelry. We love to do that.

So you're not a snobby store?
Kristin: We're the anti!

What's your pricing on gowns?
Rebecca: We start at $2,000. And our average is $2,500 to $3,000. We have one gown on the floor that's $8,500.... We're playing in that "better" price-point range, instead of "best."

What do you offer besides wedding-day wear?
Kristin: We have those fun little accessories that help a bride through her stages.
Rebecca: Fun T-shirts for the bride, her maids, the groom.
Kristin: Candles, books, the furniture.
Rebecca: We will be offering wedding planning at some point, too.

OK, I have to ask: What's the name mean?
Rebecca: It was a bunch of stuff. We definitely wanted this mix of rock 'n roll and fashion and fun. But we're in Ohio; we're a little bit country.... Big rock stands for the big rock you get at the beginning of the process. The rooster does a lot for us-he's a guy.
Kristin: It's about the big rock and the little country feel. We're going to call you by name here. It's going to be fun.

Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style.