Take one look in Adrienne Brokaw's sizable walk-in closet, and it's clear she appreciates fashion. The 42-year-old partner at Ernst & Young boasts a collection of quality suits, great shoes and several beautiful pieces from Jinny, an upscale Short North boutique. But like many women-even the fashion savvy-she faced a couple of dressing challenges. Among them: How to look professional without looking overly formal, and how to create weekend looks that are casual but sophisticated. Enter Elizabeth Bean Smith, owner of Wardrobe Therapy and Central Ohio's unofficial closet queen. Smith spent half a day with Brokaw to help. First, they purged, filling four garbage bags with items to give away. Then, they worked on pairing new pieces. Here are some of the looks Smith put together for Brokaw-all using items she already owns.

Casual Class
This Laura Ashley linen dress is more than 10 years old. But with a figure-flattering belt, Grecian sandals and a gold necklace, it goes from boring to current-and fabulous.