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With spring break on the horizon (and designers' summer look books landing on my desk daily), I've got getaways on the mind. Every time I think of packing, I recall my first trip to Vegas. I was 16, going for a week, and beyond excited. I carefully and thoughtfully loaded up two giant-sized pieces of luggage, one with clothes and one with shoes. I'm not sure exactly who I thought I was going to impress, but darn it if I wasn't going to live it up! It was clearly absurd. The older I got, the more in love with fashion I fell - and the better I got at packing. Now, it's a breeze. And toting my luggage is far easier. I'm certain you need only 10 things, even for a week.

Here are my tips on packing like a pro:

Five Vacation-Packing Rules Pack only 10 items Stick with a general color scheme - mix and match! Be comfortable Leave jewelry at home - except for either diamond studs or hoop earrings Limit your makeup The Only 10 Items You Need

Dress Sweater Top or T-shirt Tank Shorts Jeans or capris Bathing suit Sandals Scarf Sunglasses --Kristy Eckert