The Cheesy Truck, Columbus' long-anticipated grilled cheese truck, held a special "Test Kitchen" weekend on Saturday and Sunday, and I made it over to sample some of their cheesy sandwiches.

I tried the Country Gentleman, made with melted cheddar, thick-sliced fried bologna and spicy mustard, and a side of the Classy Cafeteria Tater Tots. I liked it in that greasy, bad-for-you-but-so-good way.

Also got a bite of the Rife's "Since 1936" Melt, which sandwiched a Rife's Market burger between some roquefort and grilled onions. Very good.

Some more menu offerings: • The Boarding School: American cheese on country white bread • The Mt. Adams: Cincinnati-style chili with hot sauce and shredded cheddar • The Vegas Strip: American cheese, fried egg, bacon and, for dipping, Mikey's Late Night Slice Slut Sauce.

Or you can design your own sandwich, choosing a bread (country white, brioche or sourdough), cheese (American, sharp cheddar or specialty) and sauce (mustard, mayo, balsamic glaze, fig paste, hot pepper jelly).

Here's a look a the actual truck. The Test Kitchen was set up in Grandview, but the truck will be making its way all around town this summer, stopping at festivals, farmers markets and the like. Keep up with the whereabouts on Facebook and Twitter.

Can't wait for these guys to be a permanent part of Columbus' food truck scene!