Happy ComFest weekend! Every festival has its own food niche, and ComFest's is definitely earthy. It's best to just embrace your inner hippie and go for the healthy stuff.

I scoped out the food booths around Goodale Park earlier today, and found a few can't-miss food picks. Dragonfly's booth was a definite favorite. Everything on the vegan restaurant's menu sounded (and looked) delicious.

I tried the Crispy Sesame Roll, pictured at the top, which was basically like vegan sushi. Tofu is surrounded by brown rice and a crunchy, sesame seed-encrusted seaweed wrapper. YUM.

Dragonfly's Comfest menu

Dragonfly's Street Food Salad

Dragonfly's Veggie Meatball Smash

Another booth well worth checking out: Earth's Crust. The specialty here is grilled pizza on a tasty whole grain crust. The crisp brown crust tastes almost like a marriage between a whole wheat pita and buttered popcorn. Trust me, it's good.

The Ohio Cheese Pizza w/Roasted Veggies was fantastic. You can also order it with vegan cheese, but I loved the gooeyness of the real local stuff. Think I'll head back tomorrow for some roasted corn on the cob and a vegan shake.

Finally, if you're a ComFest newbie, you pretty much have to try the Fish Boat. It's kinda like a po'boy--an open-faced sub sandwich with a canoe-shaped piece of cornmeal-fried catfish carrying some shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and onions. It comes doused with tartar sauce and then you can add your own hot sauce. A ComFest Classic.

You'll find the Fish Boat at the Queens Table booth. And you'll thank me later.