Pattycake Bakery

Story by Robin Davis // Photo by Alysia Burton

Jennie Scheinbach has been the public face of Pattycake Bakery, the cutting-edge vegan bakery she launched in 2005. But all that will change when she turns the whole business into a worker-owned cooperative in anticipation of the opening of a full-service restaurant.

City Beet is slated to open in spring 2013 in the realty office adjacent to Pattycake, serving a vegan menu of breakfast all day and lunch.

Scheinbach will get some help running things from a collective of equal partners--as many as 20 once all is said and done--including Sarah Bryant, who currently does marketing for Pattycake.

"It takes the pressure off Jennie," Bryant said. "Opening a restaurant is a huge endeavor."

Not that Scheinbach is afraid of huge endeavors. She started Pattycake out of her home nine years ago to provide vegan baked goods, which were hard to come by in Columbus. Business grew so quickly, she moved it into its current High Street space.

Now City Beet will fill a similar void, offering vegan dishes with a twist.

"We want to have accessible, nourishing, local food," Scheinbach said. "It's going to be vegan, but we're not pushing that. We want anyone to be able to enjoy it."

Expect super-healthy salads, smoothies, nut butters and fresh-baked breads and a fast-casual vibe that'll lend itself to everyday dining.

Ages: Scheinbach, 37; Bryant, 30
Neighborhood: Clintonville
Future gig: Owners, City Beet Cafe

3009 N. High St., Clintonville