At Farm to Plate 2013, Central Ohio restaurants offer special menus featuring dishes created with at least 70 percent locally grown ingredients. Visit for a full list of menus.


Roulade of Fresh Mozzarella from Miceli, Candied Fennel from Folck Family Farm, Heirloom Tomatoes from R.A.W. Farms and Basil from Rain Fresh Harvest

with a Cucumber-Mint Relish



Sweet & Spicy Dry Rubbed, Berkshire Pork Chop from OSU School of Agriculture

with Corn & Bell Pepper Cakes, Summer Squash from Folck Family Farm and Blackberry from R.A.W. Farms, Early Globe Onion and Orange Compote



Peach Shortcake from R.A.W. Farms with Vanilla Ice Cream Ayars Dairy, Clover Honey and Almond Crunch