The blogger relives her style through the years

We're taking a little stroll through the past to talk about our favorite fashion moments. Here, we walk with guest bloggerLily Schlosser, who is the studio and fashion manager atLauryn Byrdy Photographyand blogs about style atLucky Star.

First time I remember being aware of style:

Looking back, I think I've always been pretty aware of style. I'm told that as a toddler, I would only wear dresses, and I refused to try a pair of pants. Every time my parents would get me into a pair of pants, I would immediately kick them off.My mom had to buy multiples of my favorites dresses because I kept outgrowing them. I also had a thing for hair bows. Because I didn't have much hair until I was three or four, my mom used to gather what little amount that I did have into any type of hair ornament. Later, when I was six or seven, I remember my signature style being a huge oversized t-shirt that I would belt and wear over leggings.

Wearing my two favorite things: dresses and bows

First pair of shoes I remember loving:

I had a beautiful pair of floral-print Doc Martens in the sixth grade, and I thought they were the coolest thing ever.

The thing I wouldn't take off as a kid:

Like I said, dresses. I had a handkerchief dress that we have multiples of because I kept outgrowing them.NO, wait, in preschool and kindergarten I had a faux-fur white coat that I would not take off. I had this friend when I was a little girl and we re-connected when she came to my high school...she remembered my fur coat!

The handkerchief dress that I had multiples of in different sizes so I could wear it for years

Most memorable first day of school outfit:

I don't distinctly remember any first day of school outfits, but I do recall that in kindergarten or first grade we had to wear something that had to do with the number 100. I had a turquoise jumpsuit with fringe, and my mom and I decided that it would be a great idea to string 100 cheerios on the fringe. I also remember eating some of the cheerios off of the jumpsuit. That's not embarrassing at all.

Must-have clothing item or style when I was in junior high:

We all had to have at least an inch of our stomachs exposed everyday.

What I wore to my senior pictures:

I actually didn't have my senior pictures done professionally, but my mom took some photos of me sitting on our front stoop.All I remember is my hair being crazy-curly, which it is naturally. For my senior picture taken at school, I wore a men's green polo shirt and I gave a thumbs up.What a great way to leave my legacy behind.

First piece of clothing or shoes that I remember splurging on:

The first things that I can remember splurging on were items I bought after I graduated from college three years ago. I bought an amazing leather jacket, which has been a great staple in my wardrobe.

Most memorable wedding look:

Strangely enough, I haven't been to that many weddings. But I'm at the age now where more and more of my friends are getting hitched, so I'm sure I'll have to start building my repertoire of wedding-appropriate dresses. My brother is getting married this fall so I'm looking forward to finding that perfect bridesmaid's dress. (I get to pick my own!)

Item in my closet I've had the longest:

Well, if we're talking about items that have been in my family the longest, I have my grandfather's watch that he received on the day of his high school graduation in 1940.It's one of my most treasured pieces. Before coming to school in Ohio (I'm from Colorado), I bought this amazing coat at Anthropologie, and I still wear it to this day. Anthropologie actually just announced an archival collection re-issuing some favorite pieces, and the coat is in that collection! You can find it here.

Items I've literally worn out:

This tends to happen to all of my favorite jeans. They get to where the seat of the pants is so thin from wear that I put them on one day and they split! Although that hasn't been happening as much recently because I've been spending a little more to buy higher-quality denim. Also, some of my favorite t-shirts (which is one of my obsessions) end up getting worn through.The best pieces are the leather ones, like my Foley & Corinna bags that get very worn in, but look better with age.

Items I've bought multiples of:

That Foley & Corinna bag... I just bought my third. If I find a good pair of jeans, chances are that I'll buy multiples.Same thing with great basic tanks and t-shirts.

Biggest fashion miss:

There have been many. In high school, I wore the same cropped sweatshirt over a tank top for weeks on end.Oh, and my freshman year of high school Sadie-Hawkins dance dress. I wore this long dress that was black lace over a nude slip, so I sort of looked naked! I also had the traditional prom hair of the little ringlet curls pinned up.That was unfortunate.Whoever did my makeup put on foundation that was a shade too light, so I looked like I was wearing a white mask under the flash of the camera. Sorry, I think I burned pictures of that moment.

Here's another one: In college, I studied abroad in Paris for a semester, and I was very homesick at one point. I felt like I needed to make a change to my appearance in order to start afresh... ladies, one piece of advice, don't get your hair cut when you're going through some sort of emotional upheaval.My French was pretty good, but not great, so I tried to describe a cool edge-y and blunt short hair cut, which meant losing at least six inches of hair.What I ended up with was a cute haircut from the front, but the back was super layered and short with uneven and jagged pieces, almost like a reverse mullet (business in the back, party in the front).It was a disaster.

The haircut I got in Paris. You can't see what's happening in the back, but my facial expression pretty much sums it up.

Biggest fashion hit:

I also had some good prom looks.I wore a vintage pink knee-length dress to my junior prom and a white ballerina-inspired Betsy Johnson dress to my senior prom.More recently, it's been fun to be able to see how my personal style has evolved.I think what makes something a fashion "hit" is when you wear an outfit that makes you feel like the best, and most true, version of yourself. I've realized that I have a pretty simple/minimal/classic style, but I always like to add in something a bit fun and unexpected. I've learned not to take myself too seriously-that's what makes fashion fun.

My most recent outfit posts on my blog. I've been loving incorporating something vintage into my looks, like the skirt in the top-right picture. It was only a few dollars!

All-time most memorable style moment:

The one time that I wore the exact same dress as my best friend to a very important event... my 5th grade graduation.

My 5th grade best friend, Emma, and me on the day of our 5th grade graduation. No, we didn't plan this.