When we put together this issue, our hope was to inspire

Snow thrills me-especially the first, which came delightfully early this year.

To me, it marks the beginning of the magic-the season when people remember what it feels like to believe. To make time. To honor tradition. To give love.

In a world that has become far too rush-rush-rush, the holidays remind us that the world won't end if we set down our iPhones for two hours to sled with our kids, or visit with our grandparents, or toast with our friends.

When we put together this issue, our hope was to inspire-with leaders to meet, with places to go, with gifts to give.

Inside, you'll read about the powerful but unpretentious Cindy Monroe, who, with a wee bit of money and a whole bunch of faith, founded a gift business that is now among the biggest direct-selling companies in the world.

You'll be introduced to moxie-filled Lisa Hinkelman, whose theory is simple: More-confident girls make better choices. So she's created a program to help create more-confident girls.

You'll be touched by the story of the late Christine Wilson, one of the victims of the infamous Ohio State house fire: A family friend started a Christmas concert in her honor that has raised enough money to fund a burn unit at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

You'll learn about the couple behind the restaurant Figlio, who quit their attorney jobs to pursue their passion.

And, among much more, you'll find more than 100 gift ideas from around Central Ohio that we hope will help you thrill the people in your life while simultaneously supporting local shops.

A man I sincerely admire, Jason Barger, is featured in this issue as well. I first met him years ago while writing a story for The Dispatch about Camp Akita, where he was longtime director. He is now an author, speaker and motivational expert. I have the great fortune of getting to occasionally visit with him over coffee, and I swear I exit our talks a better person. In our story on him here, he says one thing that I hope will stick with you: "Remember the purpose for who you want to be in the world and why you do what you do."

Read it again: Remember the purpose for who you want to be in the world and why you do what you do.

It is the perfect sentiment for the season.

Put down your phone.

Be inspired.

Let it snow.