Documentary Week brings the latest films to the Gateway Film Center in Columbus

Film nerds (myself included,) rejoice. It's documentary week! From March 27 through April 3, the Gateway Film Center will be showing more than a dozen of the latest, cutting-edge documentaries ranging from science to music to adventure. Here are a few I'm most excited about:

"The Human Scale" explores life in a mega city as an increasing majority of the world's population inhabits urban areas. Meet international professors, architects and city planners as they consider how the way we've built our cities impacts human interaction, and how a shift in priorities-placing people at the center of urban planning-could change the human experience. If you make the 8 p.m. showing tonight, stick around as a panel of local architects applies the film's concepts to Columbus.

Who doesn't love a good rockumentary? "Mistaken for Strangers" shows what happens when a touring rock star-indie sensation The National's lead singer Matt Berninger-invites his younger, unemployed, aspiring-filmmaker brother to travel with the band as a roadie. Underlying themes of family bonds and the search for acceptance will surely make this flick one of those heart-swelling, tears-welling kinds.

This one's a doozy. Neither the trailer nor the description for "The End of Time" provides a clear sense of where exactly this cinematographic journey will lead-and maybe that's why it's so appealing. But it does ask some of the mind-bending questions we've all pondered when feeling particularly existential, like "Is time endless? Can past, present and future exist all at once? What came before time? Can I affect the future?" Whoa, man. Sign me up.

Ticket prices vary. Find a full list of featured films and show timeshere.