Three shows this month that will appeal to the kids-and the kid in you

Three shows this month that will appeal to the kids-and the kid in you


The musical adaptation of the 1992 film "Newsies" is coming to the Ohio Theatre from Jan. 13 to 18. Much like many of Disney's works, this "song and dance extravaganza" isn't just for kids, says CAPA spokeswoman Rolanda Copley. The history-heavy and high-energy Tony Award-winning musical touring the U.S. features 20-odd cast members using ballet, tap, jazz and tumbling to tell the story of New York City's 1899 newsboys strike.

"Go, Dog. Go!"

Purists can relax knowing this CATCO is Kids production, Jan. 16 to 25, is a word-for-word translation of the beloved 1961 children's book of the same title. "We're really trying to capture the essence of the book with the costumes and the staging," says associate producing director Joe Bishara, who was drawn to "Go, Dog. Go!" after seeing his daughter laugh at the book's illustrations. "Kids will gravitate toward the physical comedy," he says of the prop-laden, all-on-roller-skates show. And happy kids mean happy parents.


When artistic director William Goldsmith writes for Columbus Children's Theatre, he aims to appeal to both children and adults. "If they don't enjoy it, they won't come back," he says of the older demographic. "When I am writing and come upon a scene where playing with the words adds humor-while still moving the plot-I take advantage." (This approach makes "Pinocchio" sound remarkably like "pinot grigio" if you think about it.) Meanwhile, kids will enjoy the interactive elements, such as scolding Pinocchio for his lies by yelling, "No, no, Pinocchio!" whenever the fairy asks for help from the audience.