Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.





2284 Club Rd., Upper Arlington

McClain, John D. & Abigail Erford from Real Land Investments LLC


2020 Upper Chelsea Rd., 
Upper Arlington

Veitinger, Nicole A. & Flaherty, James M. from Michael Edwards Building & Design Inc.


1 Miranova Pl., Unit 2325, Columbus

Weiss, Arlene, trustee, from McFate, James


3406 Olentangy River Rd., Delaware

Frecka, Jordan W. & Ashley A. from Donahue, Kenneth


7448 Whirlaway Cir., Powell

Mapes, Michael & Rebecca A. from Boroff, Ainslie A.


7240 Lambton Park Rd., New Albany

Golis, Matthew & Traci, trustees, from Rabe, Steven D.


4100 Belmont Place, New Albany

Wong, Daniel from Slusser, Brian W. & Patricia J., trustees


470 Tucker Dr., Worthington

Marx, Jane Higgins from Kennemer, Andrew M. & Elisa K.


275 Beck St., Columbus

Hilt, James & Brown, Derek from Neibart, Alexa J. & Barry, Jeffrey Scott


1987 Upper Chelsea Rd., 
Upper Arlington

Miller, Frank C. V. & Samantha D. from Sheets, Michael D. & Jodi L.


363 N. Drexel Ave., Bexley

Stein, Diana B. & Marcus, David M. from Hecker, Donna Johnson, trustee


1441 Kearney Way, Delaware

Frecka, David Allison from Smyth, Andrew & Courtney


2147 Elgin Rd., Upper Arlington

Weinberg, Matthew & Snigdha from Devine, Steven M. 
& Hollie B.


2838 Margate Rd., Upper Arlington

Stieg, John-Charles Jr. & Cravens-Stieg, Caroline from Boyle, Frederick J. & Theresa E.


10 Stonegate Village Dr., Grandview

Merkle, Peter C. & Arnold, Mary Kathryn from Backes, 
Carl R. & Winifred A.


2224 Tremont Rd., Upper Arlington

Curtin, James B., trustee, from Whitson, Bryan Alan & 
Amy Knutsen


8298 Chippenham Dr., Dublin

Schmidt, Thomas G. & Connie S. from Moberger, William A. & Sandra W.


4873 Chevy Chase Ave., 
Upper Arlington

Greene, Jessica S. & Jared A. from Ohlinger, Mark A. 
& Belinda M.


2131 Tewksbury Rd., Upper Arlington

Wofford, Garrett & Andrea F. from Humphreys, Ann Larose


481 Glyn Tawel Dr., Granville

Spiker, Jeffrey A. & Erin C. from Penland, Christopher Morand & Kerry Shea


9810 Riverway Run, Powell

Himmelstein, John M. & Gail M. from Dean, Matthew S. & Cory I.


8387 Albanese Cir., Dublin

Pigman, Carolyn R., trustee, from Bob Webb Lewis Center LLC


7781 Pembrooke Pass, New Albany

White, John B. & Kathryn S. from Pendrey, Thomas G.


7737 Fenway Rd., New Albany

Thorne, Kevin F. & Jean M. from Ware, Jason & Julia


2626 Camden Rd., Upper Arlington

Petras, Robert J. Jr. & Tricia L. from Devoe, Carolyn N.

As provided by The Columbus Dispatch research team. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.