Watershed Distillery founders Greg Lehman and Dave Rigo didn’t know their business ventures eventually would include a bunch of black and white pigs. Before Rigo became involved with Lehman’s Saddleberk Pork venture, he was a bit annoyed with his Watershed Distillery partner for giving attention to a side gig while Watershed was taking off in 2013. He certainly never expected to be leading that very side gig, although Lehman says he was always hovering around during tastings at Watershed of the special Berkshire pork.

Now, things are very different—Rigo sold his ownership interest in Watershed and has become Saddleberk’s CEO. With his people skills and salesmanship, Saddleberk is growing—twice as fast as expected in 2019.

It’s a cozy, cloudy day at Cockerill Farms near Washington Court House. Ripening corn hangs on rows of drying stalks. Cows stare, chewing in lazy circles. Two dogs, parents to a brood of puppies, zip around the grounds. Pigs clamber over one another in mucky pens or stand oinking on beds of hay. This quintessential 1,000-acre, fourth-generation Ohio farm is raising pigs once again—Saddleberk has given it that.

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