City of Ashland

1149 Foxmoor Lane, Ashland; Virgil Cooke and Barbara Cooke (trustee) to Dexter W. Chumley and Sally L. Chumley; $180,000.

1123 Union St., Ashland; John W. Pinski (trustee) to RCK Property Investment, LLC; $70,000.

1050 Westview Ave., Ashland; John Edward Weitzel to Susan J. Burkhart (trustee); $90,000.

2032 Stone Gate Court, Ashland; Kandi L. Roach to Ryan D. Smith and Kayla K. Smith; $309,000.

247 E. 12th St., Ashland; Renee A. Osborn to April Y. Ochier and Anthony Ochier; $73,500.

521 E. 5th St., Ashland; Wayne Null to Mike Nelson and Amy Nelson; $4,500.

145 Steele Ave., Ashland; James R. Amstutz and Susan I. Amstutz to Allison N. Stover; $135,000.

507 W. Main St., Ashland; Christopher Patrick Harding to Taylor H. Craig and Rebecca M. Elias-Craig; $105,000.

1046 Winthrop Lane, Ashland; Joyce A. Mansfield to ML Simpkins and Tina M. Simpkins; $98,500.

503 E. Liberty St., Ashland; Debra A. Kauffman to Ryan R. Hale; $63,100.

215 High St., Ashland; Todd Snyder to Jenny A. Lago; $65,000.

968 Summit Drive, Ashland; Garrett J. Dudte to Brent A. Patterson and Nicole L. Patterson; $149,900.

Clearcreek Township

5 N. Main St., Savannah; Lee A. Schlingman and Selora A. Schlingman to Alexander Investment, LLC; $78,000.

Green Township

112 E. 3rd St., Perrysville; James L. Bryan to Jonce Stull and Janet Stull; $15,000.

133 W. 3rd St., Perrysville; Anna M. Baker to Lu-Crest Pest Control, LLC; $5,000.

Jackson Township

648 County Road 175, West Salem; Jacob Kulon and Jeanette Kulon (trustee) to Denise A. Dunlap; $320,000.

2252 Allium Place, West Salem; Debra Prosser to Haleigh D. Riffle; $25,000.

Milton Township

1321 Ohio 603, Ashland; Guy Walter Trease and Nicole A. Trease to Brenda L. Shipley and Wilkie G. Hood; $218,000.

1175 Township Road 1153, Ashland; John Motter and Janice Motter to Derrek T. Farver and Morghan A. Farver; 4.865 acres; $208,000.

Mohican Township

16 County Road 1950, Jeromesville; James H. Brubaker and Deborah K. Brubaker to Weaver Farms Grain, LLC; 7.277 acres; $170,000.

Orange Township

914 Ohio 58, Ashland; Billy J. Willis and Barbara A. Willis to Wayne S. Hopek Jr. and Kate N. Rock-Hopek; 3.48 acres; $125,000.

Perry Township

206 U.S. 250, Polk; Ralph W. Bunch to Ryan L. Burkholder and Emily R. Burkholder; 5.0 acres; $143,000.