Battling the coronavirus pandemic is just one of the challenges the health system's new leader faces.

As a teenage candy-striper at a West Virginia hospital near her home, Lorraine Lutton quickly noticed some problems.

She’d push patients in wheelchairs to a physical therapy room, where they’d wait for a physical therapist to become available. After their session they’d wait some more, for Lutton to retrieve them and take them back to their rooms.

“It was such an inefficient system,” Lutton remembers. “I kept suggesting: Why not have the therapists go to the patient’s room? Why not modify the process to make it better for the patient? I didn’t get very far, as you can imagine.”

But the experience sparked an interest in Lutton, one that has stayed with her throughout her working life: How can health care be changed for the better for patients?

Lutton brought that passion to Columbus in April, when she became the new CEO for Mount Carmel Health System. She is its first laywoman leader in its nearly 135-year history—there have been women CEOs, all of whom were Sisters of the Holy Cross, while all the organization’s men CEOs have been laymen.

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