I've been wearing my hair wavy a lot lately. After I finished off my favorite product (Profound Beauty Desert Sand), I decided to try some new brands - including Sally Hershberger Finishing Cream for Wavy Hair. (Hershberger did, after all, make Meg Ryan's messy do famous.)

I've used the cream two ways. For a couple of days, I first used a mousse on my damp hair, slowly dried my hair while scrunching it with my fingers, and then finished by smoothing the finishing cream onto my hands and running it through my hair one final time. Then, I simply dried and scrunched my hair without using any other product, and finished the look with the finishing cream. It gave two distinct looks -- the first (using the mousse beforehand), curlier and shinier; the second, less curly but very soft and more matte. I like how it works both ways. It makes my hair feel supersoft and not sticky or greasy. It smells delicious. And it's about a third of the cost of the product I was using. It sells for $12.50 at www.sallyhershberger.com

--Kristy Eckert