Jane Iredale's Magic Mitt is--bar none--the best makeup remover I've ever used.

The soft, thin mitt (made of some sort of magic microfibers that "grab" makeup) removes makeup without cleanser. I'll be honest--I was skeptical. No cleanser? Really? But it tried it nightly for about a month, and--holy mascara removal--it works!

The process: Wet the mitt, put it over your hand, and gently wipe off your makeup.

Pros: The mitt truly does get mascara off gently and quickly, without leaving sticky or slimy residue. It works well on all other makeup, too.

Cons: You do need to put a touch of soap on it and cleanse the mitt itself for about 20 seconds after use, then hang it to dry for the next time. The cleansing is a minor annoyance, but worth noting.

The mitt sells for $15 at the Spa at River Ridge in Dublin. --Kristy Eckert