The directions for Ole Henriksen's Sugar Glow Face Scrub suggest using it a few times a week, but once I started, I made it an almost-daily habit. I tried it both morning and night. It seems best at night, as the scrub is a perfect way to give your face a gentle, exfoliating cleansing before bed.

The scent is uplifting, so on mornings when I think that I need a little spark, I use it. I like the texture; it's quite gooey as opposed to some sugar scrubs, which are more sandlike.

The product smells good enough to eat, serves as a gentle but effective exfoliator and leaves skin feeling moisturized, smooth and soft. This is clearly a high-quality product. Bottom line: A luxurious little treat. (A 3.5 ounce jar sells for $38 at --Kristy Eckert