Photos courtesy of Abrigo Bag.

Columbus businesswoman Katie Grove said her signature product was in high demand yesterday after Kathy Lee Gifford endorsed the Abrigo Bag on the "Today Show." Gifford shared the luxury coat bag during a "favorite things" segment. "She showed the bag and talked all about how wonderful it would be" for shopping and traveling, Grove said. She had sent Gifford a sample bag but didn't learn until yesterday morning that the bag would be featured on the show. "I was very excited."

Grove launched the Abrigo Bag last fall. The large, fabric accessory was designed out of necessity, she said, after she grew tired of her coat being a nuisance as she shopped and traveled. The bag solves that problem by protecting and comfortably carrying your coat. (Abrigo means overcoat in Spanish.)

"I made my first one myself and as I was making it I thought everybody should have one of these," she said. The American-made bags come in two colors and sell for $200 each exclusively at

--Dana Wilson