I had the pleasure of meeting British jewelry designer Stephen Webster at CCAD yesterday, and he is most certainly as glam-rock as his jewelry. (If you haven't seen his work, it's brilliantly unique, and he counts Madonna and Christina Aguilera as fans.)

The Diamond Cellar brought him to town for an event and generously shared him with

The Columbus College of Art & Design, where he spoke with fashion students over lunch and visited a jewelry-making class to chat. He told one story about an art school teacher making him restart a piece of jewelry nine times, instilling in him the value of work done well. "Jewelry's small, and by the nature of it, it's expensive," Webster said.

"So it really deserves to be beautifully made." And in his work (which ranges from $100 to $100,000 and is carried at The Diamond Cellar) that mantra is apparent. His newest collection is based on the seven deadly sins and is super intriguing. (And his blog, if you care to check is out, will make you laugh.)

--Kristy Eckert