Jason Mangum, owner of Twig Garden & Home located at 495 S. Third Street, poses in his shop./ Dispatch photo by Brooke LaValley

Jason Mangum's chic shop brims with new and reclaimed items, from dinnerware and furniture to custom pillows and soaps. Capital Style Editor Kristy Eckert recently chatted with him about his new business (495 S. Third St.), which also includes floral design.

Q: What's your vibe? A: My most favorite store of all time is Le Jardin in Paris, France, and it's this great vintage florist and home store. So when people walk in, I want them to feel the whole Paris feeling.

Q: Why do you have a broad range of prices? A: I wanted it to be a store where people could come in and find great pieces that made them feel special, and also be able to walk out the door and not say, "Oh, my God, did I make a mistake by buying that (because it was too expensive)?" I have clients all over the board, whether they want to spend $15 for a hand-blown glass decanter or $300 on one. I wanted it to be something everyone could appreciate.

Q: You have lived all over, jumping from state to state for your partner's job . . . A: Eight states in 10 years -- retail gypsies.

Q: And you've always worked in interior design before opening this store, right? A: I studied interior design and worked at some interior-design places throughout the States, and there was never an opportunity -- because we moved so many times -- for me to actually set up shop.

When we bought our house in New Albany two years ago, I think that my partner and I decided we finally landed somewhere that we enjoy living.

Q: Why did you decide to make floral design part of this? A: My grandmother was a florist, and at a very young age, 10 or 8, I would always be in her shop cutting and picking up the flowers off the floor and (arranging them in) little vases. She always made me feel like I could do anything and was great at it, even though I had no idea what I was doing. And then I worked part time as a teenager helping my grandmother over the holidays -- Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter. I think that interior design and floral design are two and the same -- it's all about colors, textures and balances.

Q: You say you even make the deliveries yourself. Really? A: I do -- within reason (laughing). There are times that I have to hire a delivery service.

I think that -- especially starting a new business -- you have to be there and present. I want to make sure that the flowers arrive at the destination looking like they did when they left the shop.

And, also, I have a lot of clients who are with me because they want one-on-one time.