Soaps from Freckle Bear Farms As tomorrow's Earth Day celebrations gear up, we have eco-friendly beauty products on the mind. Admittedly, we've sampled our share of the not-so-great. But we've also tried a handful that we like. Here's a look at our favorites. Freckle Bear: These products are handmade by an Upper Arlington woman who grows the lavender for them on her Urbana farm. They may change the way you see eco-friendly beauty products--seriously. The lavender natural olive oil and oatmeal soap ($6) may be the best soap ever concocted. You can find the products at Lush: Their goodies are handmade, using fresh, organic fruits and veggies and little or no preservatives. They buy from companies that don't test products on animals, and use as little packaging as possible. Plus, the stuff is just darn good. Some of our favs? Coco Lotion ($21), lip scrub ($9) and Sugar Scrub balls ($5 each). You can find the products at the Lush counter inside Macy's at Tuttle mall. Bert's Bees: Simply put, they were doing natural, junk-free products long before it was popular. Their stuff is good and affordable. Some favs? The Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion ($8) and lip balm ($3). You can find them at most groceries and drugstores. One: This company is new on our radar, boasting green products and packaging. We've sampled a handful, and recommend the Sweeten My Skin After Shower Skin Conditioning Bar ($7). You'll find the products at select Target stores. EcoTools: They use materials like bamboo and recycled aluminum to give women enviro-friendly makeup brushes and totes. There are plenty of quality makeup tools on the market, but we think this company's Bamboo 6-piece brush set--the kit that started their whole product line!--is pretty great (Kristy's been a devotee for a few years). The kit is less than $10 at drugstores. --Kristy Eckert