Any trip to Sephora for me always makes a stop along their fragrance wall, on the hunt for a new signature scent to change with the seasons.

As Spring looks to have (finally!) sprung, and my spicy and muskier scents winter scents take a back seat, here are some of my picks for the perfect spring fragrance.

Burberry Summer: it sounds (and looks) just like it smells. Light and airy, with the perfect mix of citrus and floral - you can imagine that every British Rose wears this on her summer holiday.

Fresh Citron de Vie: I'm a huge fan of the Fresh line (Sake sits on my dresser) and this Citron de Vie is the perfect summer citrus scent. French Riviera - here I come.

Kate Spade Twirl: I'll admit - I am a HUGE fan of Kate Spade. (Seriously, her polka dot china is on any future bridal registry I may have). This scent is exactly as it sounds, light and whimsical, it's perfect for twirling around in your summer sundresses.

Marc Jacobs Daisy: Marc Jacobs screams cool to me but the playfulness he injects in his clothes (especially his younger Marc line) perfectly match this spring scent. It's bottle looks like a flower on your dresser but it's scent is feminine with a mix of March's eccentricity. A must for your summer fragrance lineup.

What is your favorite summer scent?

- Alison Pegg