I've recently been using (and really liking) L'Occitane Sun Verbena Protective Body Lotion with SPF 15. It smells good and feels great. It's advertised as lightweight, though I would disagree with that description, as I find it more thick and creamy. Either way, it goes on smoothly and rubs in easily. It makes my skin feel soft and moisturized for hours. And while it doesn't have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (which some believe are the most powerful ingredients against UVA and UVB), it does include ingredients that the Skin Cancer Foundation says protect against both UVA and UVB. You certainly don't want to use this as your sole skin protector at the pool or beach. But it's great for lunching on a patio, picnicking with neighbors, or shopping at Easton. It's $24 at L'Occitane at Easton Town Center and Polaris Fashion Place.

-Kristy Eckert