On TLC's What Not to Wear, co-host Clinton Kelly fixes fashion faux paus made by American women. On Oct. 22, Kelly will dish out fashion advice to Columbus-area ladies of all shapes and sizes during his appearance at Macy's at Easton at 1 p.m. (With a qualifying $100 Macy's purchase, you can also get a copy of his book "Oh No She Didn't" and a chance for an autograph.) We caught up with Kelly, who shared his thoughts on style mistakes, ways to fix them and what every woman needs this season.

- Beth Stallings

What fashion mistakes do you see women most often make? The top four I see most often are athletic sneakers worn as casual footwear, bad jeans, one-size fits all T-shirts and (oversize) hoodies. And men? They're actually very similar: athletic sneakers, bad jeans and oversize clothing. American men think they are bigger than they actually are. What's the simplest thing most women can do to look better? It's a little bit of a trick question. Style isn't necessarily simple. Even if it looks like effortless style, it's not that effortless. But, for example, if you are wearing the same style jeans that you did in 1991, the simple answer is to get yourself a great pair of jeans. What's the trick to finding the right pair? The trick is it's not so simple to find a great pair of jeans. The average woman needs to try up to 20 pairs of jeans before she finds the right pair. It's not simple, but well worth it. Trying on 20 pairs can be frustrating. How can women stick with it? You have to wrap your head around it. Too many women give up too quickly. They say, "They don't make jeans for my body." There is a pair of jeans for every body. Sometimes you have to have them tailored. You can't let yourself be traumatized by the denim industry. (At the store) try on every style of jean that they have. If the jeans in that store don't work, head to the next. When you find a pair that work, buy two-then you have a pair for flats and a pair for heels. What three things do you think every woman needs in her closet this season? Some of the trends I like most is the idea of something with a peplum-it's a jacket that flairs a bit at the bottom. They are important to style because it adds an extra layer. That adds depth to an outfit. Also, prints-beautiful, bold and graphic stripes or polka dots. Prints really do add life to an outfit. The pattern component is really big this fall. Give yourself one that resonates with you. Third, a statement necklace. I love a statement necklace. For a long time American women were afraid (to wear them). What three celebs do you think do it best? I get this question a lot, and honestly don't really care. I honestly don't pay attention to celebrities. I don't really care so much about what they wear. I'm much more interested in styling real people.