The second Bungalow store just opened in Powell, and it's even more grand than the Short North location. We'll celebrate its opening with some design tips from Paige Langdale, one of the shop's owners. Here, the decorator extraordinaire shares her four top tips. –Kristy Eckert

1. Juxtapose: Don't be afraid to mix it up. Stick with things you really like and the common thread will appear.For example, try an old workbench with a clean, contemporary lamp; or vintage lighting over a sleek kitchen Island. The best rooms have a little of the unexpected.

2. Keep big pieces neutral and classic: Your large pieces should be neutral and timeless. Bring in color through artwork, pillows and accessories. Instead of painting a room bright green, bring in mossy balls, live plants and artwork with green accents. They are easier to change out than having to paint the next color you can't live without. Classic lines on sofas won't go out of style, and adding your favorite patterned throw or textured pillow can always dress it up or down.

3. Avoid matchy-matchy: Don't buy sets of anything. Pair your fabric headboard with metal nightstands and a wood dresser. If you already have the "set," swap out some pieces for others in your house. You would be surprised how well a piece you don't love in one room can transform another.

4. De-clutter: Sometimes we need to take everything out of a space and start over. Use baskets to organize and group like objects. If you have small collections, keep them together in glass display boxes. Only add back your absolute favorite things for the most impact.