I try a lot of beauty products sent my way, and truth be told, end up throwing many away half used because they're just not any good. But I found one recently I'm kind of obsessing over: Kiss My Face Rough Thyme Bath & Shower Gel. It's made of natural ingredients including aloe vera extracts, essential oils and jojaba wax beads. It provides a super-sudsy wash with a loofah. It's very crisp and clean, and exfoliates nicely without feeling too harsh. It gives you that feeling you want from a shower gel after working out -- like it actually got you clean and didn't just skim the skin. The only negative is the scent, which I find a bit masculine. (But that does, however, make it easy to share… and my husband might like it even more than I do!) It's $11 at drugstores. –Kristy Eckert