Known for her handbags and jewelry, designer and New York native Debbie Brooks boasts a fabulous celebrity client list that includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Couric and most recently, Gwyneth Paltrow. More impressively, her bags tend to have a charitable connection. Brooks has donated a portion of the proceeds to groups like the Go Red for Women American Heart Association and Greenpeace. "I made a pact with God that if I ever became successful I would give back," she said.

Today and tomorrow, Brooks will be showing her collection (which starts at $48) and signing bags at Heins Jewelers in Reynoldsburg. If you miss out this week, Heins will carry the collection through the holiday season. We had the chance to chat with Brooks about her line and ways to accessorize.

With the holidays approaching, what do you recommend as a fun gift for your girlfriends?

A lot of people purchase our bags and then put jewelry in them and use it as a decorative box.So they are really getting two gifts.All of our bags have multiple functions, whether it's used as a box or adding a cross-body strap to wear it two ways.

What are some easy, quick ways to accessorize your wardrobe?

Belts, a different shade of lipstick, a different hairstyle…even if you don't want to go head to toe in leopard, wear a leopard hair clip.

What is the must-have women's accessory this winter?

Something useful like a cell phone case or an evening bag. I take my most favorite accessories and use them to decorate around my home so they are not sitting in the closet. That way they are loved.

-Heather Weekley