Want a clue to how you think? Open your closet.

That's what organizing expert Regina Leeds tells people.

So, if the new year has you yearning for a new, more clearly thinking you, perhaps your closet is the place to start.

Leeds, author of New York Times bestseller "One Year to an Organized Life," gave us her top five tips on how to tackle your closet.

1. Trash the bags: If anything is in dry-cleaning plastic, remove the bag and trash it. It traps the cleaning chemicals, which is bad for your clothing and you.

2. Perfect the hangers: Remove extra hangers. Don't leave anything on wire hangers (they can leave indents/bumps/bubbles in your clothing). Consider investing in quality hangers. (The Container Store sells space-saving Ivory Huggable Hangers that are, according to Leeds, "all the rage." A package of 10 costs $10.)

3. Keep it to the clothes: It's called a clothing closet for a reason. Remove any extras-luggage, duffle bags, memorabilia-and find a more appropriate space for them.

4. Evaluate each item: Go garment by garment and ask yourself, "Do I like it?" and "Do I wear it?"Trash what's "dead" (holes, stains, etc.). Give away what is in good shape but no longer fits or you no longer like. And take items that need repaired or altered to be fixed. Keep this in mind, Leeds said: "You want to put things on your body-even if you're just comfy at home-to make you feel good about yourself."

5. Restore order: Put things in order by item type-pants, jeans, shirts, dresses. (Add a shelf for sweaters if you don't have one.) And in each category, arrange items by color.

--Kristy Eckert