Photo courtesy Lauryn Byrdy Photography There's no getting around it: weddings are expensive. While we all have our splurge moments for the big day, there are places to scale back. Cara Davis, author of Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot, passed along a few tips on how to "recession-proof" your wedding. Here are five to consider: 1) Go Off-Season: Think about tying the knot during off-peak months such as January, February or November. Or look at less popular times. Host a Saturday morning brunch or Friday night reception. 2) Choose Finger Foods: Most caterers charge per person, so if you can, limit the guest list. If you can't, think beyond the standard sit-down dinner to fill up your guests. Simplify by serving high tea, brunch, heavy hors d'oeurves, or a dessert buffet. 3) Shop Around: Call multiple vendors and be willing to negotiate prices. Most vendors will be willing to work with you. 4) DIY: Identify the things you can do, and recruit family and friend help. Address envelopes, fold programs, create favors. 5) Get Insured: Consider getting wedding insurance, especially if spending more than $5,000. That will protect you in case a vendor goes out of business. –Beth Stallings