Photo courtesy ReShon Photography

Wine glass in one hand, scanner in the other-sounds like a relaxing way to start that wedding registry, doesn't it? Tomorrow night, Macy's Easton will allow couples to do just that. Starting at 6 p.m., Macy's hosts its Sip & Scan Wedding and Gift Registry Event, which features fun beverages, hors d'ouevres and registry experts on hand to help you navigate the aisles and craft your perfect registry. For those timid to grab that scanning gun, a few words of advice. First, start online. Most stores that offer registries also provide a checklist of popular items couples tend to ask for. Check out Macy's sample registry here. Next, ask your married friends what they registered for-the items they love, and also the ones they never use. Is there anything they wished they'd ask for but didn't? And remember, the beauty of the internet means you can add and subtract items later. –Beth Stallings