Yes, there's even an app for your wedding. Worthington wedding planner Emilie Duncan shows us how technology can be a bride's best, organized friend.

Pinterest: Create group boards and invite trusted bridesmaids to post ideas or comment on yours. If unsure about your color scheme, create multiple boards, and then when you decide what you want, kill the others. And bring those boards to vendor meetings. "It's wonderful to be able to really show a vendor the vision," Duncan says.

Evernote: No need to carry a notebook or binder with you-with this app everything is as close as your smart phone or computer. It's a sort of notebook that lets you create categories, lists and pictures, and also share all that info online. "The main thing is it's available in any platform," Duncan says. "Once you start using it, you'll go how was I not using that before?"

Google Docs: Great for sharing, keep your to-do list and budget here. Instead of emailing a document back and forth, you can edit it online and see changes immediately. And because it's Google, nobody blocks it at work. "It's all about the accessibility," Duncan says. "If a vendor calls and wants to talk about the timetable, you have everything right there."

–Beth Stallings