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Guests will eat at your wedding in some way, right? Ditch the three-dish choices (will that be steak, chicken or fish?) and make it a meal to remember by getting creative. It's just one more way to add personalization to your wedding day. Where to start? "I try to find out their favorite food or place to eat, and what they get there," says Carly Ziemer of Two Caterers Contemporary Cuisine. Share a list of favorite foods, restaurants and even family recipes (to recreate as an appetizer, entrée or even dessert-think grandma's famous pie). Afraid burger and mac-and-cheese is a bit too casual? Or not everyone will love an ethnic eat? Shrink it, says Melissa Johnson, director of catering at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. Turn that burger into a slider and serve as an appetizer or late night snack. In the upcoming issue of Capital Style Bride, which hits newsstands on Monday, we've got five more great tips for personalizing reception food-plus more than 50 other ways to add a personal touch to your big day. Put picking up a copy on your to-do list.

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