It's sweaty, it's intense and it is garnering fans after a studio opened in November in Worthington. Hot Box Fitness, created by Elise Berry, sounded so intriguing I tried a class to tell you about it.

My workout regimen consists mostly of cardio, and I haven't really dabbled in group fitness classes, so I was excited to give it a shot. The hour-long class definitely forced me to use muscles throughout my whole body, and left me feeling the results the following few days. During the session, we worked on abs, arm muscles, leg muscles and more during a series of rotating stations. Berry energetically instructed the class, taking the time to make sure we were using the proper techniques. And ladies, prepare to sweat: The class is held in a room filled with infrared heat. (Bring a towel and plenty of water!) We tense up as we exercise, Berry explained, and the continuous heat helps to eliminate toxins and keep us relaxed.Berry teaches Hot Box in her Worthington studio at 1133 Worthington Woods Blvd., and offers more than a dozen classes throughout the week. Drop-in classes cost $15 each. For more, visit –Heather Weekley