Lip augmentation-it's big, both literally and figuratively. And Dr. Manraj Bath of Bella Cosmedica custom aesthetics in Pickerington, is an expert on them. We caught up with Bath, who will appear tomorrow on, to learn more about the topic. –Heather Weekley

What is lip augmentation?

It is enlarging the lips in an aesthetic fashion. Augmentation means larger. The filler needs to be in the right position to have a balanced look when we're done.

Who is the prime candidate for lip augmentation?

Anyone that doesn't feel confident with their lip structure. People that have out-of-the-ordinary expectations are not good candidates. People need to understand the limitations of what we can or can't do. When it is all said and done, part of lip augmentation is the doctor and patient connection and being able to talk back and forth.

What are some of the best ways to protect lips?

The number one thing is hydration. Take proper care of your lips like you would take care of anything else. Use SPF. A lot of people don't think about having sun block in a lip balm-it's a key ingredient. A lot of cancers can start off on the edges of the lips because of sun damage.