We talk to Nick Arrojo about his product line and hot hair trends and tips

On Friday, Dec. 21, hair stylist Nick Arrojo (you may know him from his time on TLC's "What Not To Wear") will be visiting Akada Hair Salon in Grandview. That morning, he'll be educating the Akada team on how to use his products, and will consult with clients that afternoon. Angel McLaughlin, owner of Akada, trained with Arrojo right before Thanksgiving. "It was probably the most valuable class I have ever taken," says McLaughlin, who has been in the hair business for 20 years. "His advice was solid and usable." From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., McLaughlin encourages the public to stop by and meet Arrojo while he's out on the floor. We had the opportunity to chat with Arrojo over the phone about his product line and hot hair trends and tips. –Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley.

Tell me about your Arrojo product line that we'll find at Akada. It contains all the tools that I need to create all of the looks I want to create. We can add volume, curl, eliminate fizz, and put hold in the hair. It is truly developed by myself and my team. We're sharing the products through like-minded salons. I think it's about the integrity, the education and the follow through. People going to Akada will get the right recommendations, experience the product, and be able to purchase it if they want. What are some fun, simple ways to jazz up your style this holiday season? Two things we talk about a lot: High ponytails opposed to low ponytails. Literally just below the crown will lift the crown straight up, put you in the party mood and give you that lift. Or change the part and make it really low. This was really hot on the runways this year. We are also moving more and more into natural wave and curly movement in the hair. For the holidays, it's great to get one or two new accessories to get your hair out of your face. What's your favorite current hair trend? We brought a product out this year called American Wave. Because the trends for the past 20 years have been so straight-focused, we came out with a texture product to put permanent waves into people's hair. You can create a beach wave, and a soft expanded curl. We have a brand-new tool coming out called a curling wand, to help you polish up those curls. You can create curl bounce and movement around the face. What product should every woman have for her hair, and why? Refinish Dry Shampoo. This is a winning product that everyone should have. We have won a number of awards on it. It is a texture spray that adds volume, but is also a dry shampoo. It does not leave any powder or residue in the hair, but soaks up any oil you might have. This is the magic product. It cleanses and adds texture.