Meet our Columbus fashion guest blogger Holly Ritter, who blogs about style at Running In Stilettos

Meet our Columbus fashion guest blogger Holly Ritter, who is the director of internal communications and special projects at Otterbein University and who blogs about style at Hey, Hollywood.

You know that girl who screams fashion from her perfectly tailored blazer to her crisp Louboutin stilettos? Yeah, that's not me. You know the girl that looks effortless in her fitted tee and broken in Target flats? Yeah, that's what I'm going for. I'm Holly, and ironically, I blog at Hey, Hollywood.

I've never called myself a "fashionista" because, well, I've always opted for comfort over style. But I have learned that you can have your cake and eat it too. So for the last decade, I have been embracing my love for dressing comfortably while developing my own sense of style, which I have generically dubbed "comfy-chic." I do my best to own it, because I've found that when I'm comfortable and look good (or decent, or simply clothed, depending on your perspective), I feel good. So really, my style is an expression of me, and it's always evolving.

What else makes me, me? I have a young soul, an impressive scarf collection and a constant craving for Chipotle and Diet Coke. I see the glass half full. I could live in sweatpants. I'd rather dance like a fool than drink like a fish, but I rarely turn down the chance to do both. I will always buy cheap wine. I'm a sucker for a sale rack. And I will forever be a Buckeye and a depressed Cleveland sports fan.

Come read my blog (if you want to; no pressure, just gentle arm twisting).

All About Me

Holly Ritter

Age: 28

Gig: Director of Internal Communications and Special Projects at Otterbein University

Personal style: Comfy chic

Style icon: Rachel Bilson

Favorite three designers: I've never been one for labels...

Favorite three pieces in your closet right now: Oversized sweater, skinny jeans and riding boots

Go-to outfit: Fitted tee, jeans and statement accessories

All-time favorite fashion splurge: Handbags

All-time favorite fashion bargain: Shoes

True style is… an expression ofoneself that is constantly evolving.